Sundays with Lindsey

We love to explore the rituals and routines of those closest to us and our community, so naturally, we asked our very own Social Media and Community Manager, Lindsey, to describe her Self Care Sunday.

1. How do you practice self-care? 
Spending time in nature—getting outside always makes me feel recharged and refreshed. I'm grateful to live close to a park, so escaping there once I log out of work or over the weekend is one of my favorite ways to wind down. 

Slowly going through my skincare routine—I'm a big skincare person, so taking my sweet time going through my routine is so soothing and makes me feel brand new. Sundays are usually my go-to day to go all out with my routine.

Watching feel-good movies—maybe it's the nostalgia, but there's something about late 90's or early 2000's movies that bring me to my happy place.

2. Describe your perfect Sunday
My perfect Sunday includes a slow morning with coffee in bed, a yummy breakfast (french toast is always my number one choice), sunbathing, and a trip to the park with a bottle of wine and a deck of cards. I like to cook a nice dinner in the evening while listening to music and end the day with a long shower, my skincare routine, and a movie! 
3What is your Sunday skincare routine? 

My evening routine is where most of the magic happens. I like to double-cleanse with an oil cleanser followed by a gentle cleanser. Right now, I love PRESSOLOGY's Moringa Meltdown and Youth to the People's Superfood Cleanser. A face mask is a must on Sundays—I like to reach for Beauteani's tea-inspired face mask. My last step in my routine is RUVI's Glow Serum—I love how it makes my skin feel soft and velvety. 

4. What is your favorite way to incorporate the Glow Serum into your routine?
I like to use a couple of drops in the morning under my sunscreen and as the last step in my evening routine! My skin has been leaning on the dry side, and the Glow Serum has been a game-changer for making my skin feel and look soft and glowy! :) 

5. Three words to describe Sunday
Necessary, calming, a breath a fresh air (that's one word, right?)