Meet Boris

Born in the former Soviet Union, Boris immigrated to the United States with his parents and sister when he was 8 years old. Upon arriving in America. Boris’ mom, Eugenia, changed professions from engineering to becoming a hairstylist in her new country in order to help provide for the family. A few years later she would open up a small hair salon that became a true family business. At 14, as soon as it was legal for him to work, Boris became the salon’s weekend receptionist and his career in beauty began.

After college, Boris spent 10 years in tech in Silicon Valley in various sales and marketing roles, until 2004 when he was drawn back to the family’s salon business, which by now had 2 location, 30 hairstylists and a robust skin care department. The challenge to take the salon to the next level excited Boris and he decided to dedicate himself full-time. Boris became increasingly passionate about the role of hair products in having beautiful, healthy hair and how his personal interest in wellness and nutrition could enter this mix. This led him to found EVOLVh Haircare, a revolutionary brand that helped to spark the clean beauty movement as we know it today, and is sold at clean beauty standard bearers such as Credo and The Detox Market.

In 2017 Vogue Magazine interviewed Boris for an exposé on the issue of rainforest deforestation and his thoughts about the role of the beauty industry on this very important issue. The interview inspired him to make a greater impact. The opportunity came the following year when Boris met Dr. Tarek Milleron, a PhD ecologist from Berkeley who has dedicated his career to preserving rainforests in the Amazon,  Currently based in the Peruvian Amazon, Tarek asked Boris if he would be interested in helping with a major initiative he was leading that could make the biggest difference of all, training local indigenous harvesters to climb Palm trees to harvest their precious fruit instead of cutting the trees down, which unfortunately is the common practice, up to now. 

The project needed funding and a company that could help create more demand for sustainably harvested fruit which would provide more incentive for harvesters to switch from cutting to climbing. And thus Boris' vision for Ruvi Beauty for Good was born.