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Our Story

At the heart of our clean beauty philosophy lies a dedication to holistic wellness and advanced scientific research. Our formulations, born from cutting-edge skincare technology and bioactive compounds sourced from the Amazon rainforest, prioritize skin regeneration and rejuvenation. Through meticulous ingredient selection and eco-friendly practices, we ensure that our products not only deliver visible results but also uphold the integrity of our planet.

Our Ingredients

Grounded in advanced scientific research and inspired by the regenerative power of the Amazon rainforest, our products are the result of proven science and innovative technologies that leverage the potent essence of indigenous superfruits.

Our Mission

By ethically sourcing Bataua oil directly from indigenous communities, we ensure preservation through economic security. And, our commitment extends beyond transactions. By inventing and providing next gen climbing gear, we equip indigenous harvesters with safe and efficient means to access superfruits without resorting to harmful deforestation practices. This investment not only preserves the integrity of the rainforest but also fosters skill development and autonomy within indigenous communities, ensuring their long-term prosperity while safeguarding the biodiversity of the Amazon.

Together, we can make an impact that will reverberate for generations to come.

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Our Founder

Boris Oak immigrated to the US as a child, where his family built a successful hair salon business. After a stint in tech, he followed his passion for hair products and founded EVOLVh Haircare, a revolutionary brand in the clean beauty space. 

In 2017, Boris was interviewed by Vogue Magazine about rainforest deforestation and its impact on the beauty industry. The interview inspired him to make a difference. When he met ecologist Dr. Tarek Milleron, they developed a plan to train local indigenous harvesters to climb palm trees instead of cutting them down, and thus RUVI was born.

Over the past few years Boris has done a deep dive into Green Chemistry and has been working with some of the best chemists and manufacturers around the globe to infuse RUVI products with the most effective yet gentle scientifically-proven active ingredients.