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Our Mission

$5 from every bottle of RUVI Age-Defying Glow Serum purchased is donated to Recursos Amazónicos to provide climbing gear and training for local harvesters, but even more importantly - all of our products support our commitment to this cause by creating demand for Bataua Oil.

From The Peruvian Amazon

The name RUVI is derived from the word PERUVIAN. RUVI is harnessing the near-miraculous power and benefits of Oenocarpus bataua (ba-tah-wa) superfruit, carefully harvested by locals in the Amazonian jungles of Peru. Bataua Oil has been an Amazonian beauty secret for centuries but is still virtually unknown to the rest of the world. The revitalizing, age-defying benefits of this oil for skin and hair are truly remarkable.

The Solution Is Climbing

Bataua Fruit grows on 50-foot tall, smooth palm tree trunks making it difficult to climb. Tarek, an avid rock-climber, set out to design and manufacture modern climbing gear that would make it much easier and safer for harvesters to scale the trunks and harvest the fruit without harming the trees. In 2018 Tarek met EVOLVh Haircare founder Boris Oak and shared with Boris his vision for reversing the devastating effects of deforestation by teaching harvesters to use this climbing gear in Peru and across northern South America. Additionally, Tarek and Italo had formed a small company to promote sustainable palm fruit harvests across the Peruvian Amazon.

Beauty For Good

To make the Bataua Oil market with sustainability as a key concern requires resources, and thus Boris’ vision for RUVI Beauty for Good was born. RUVI would purchase Bataua Oil which creates revenue to help further the mission of teaching harvesters to replace cutting with climbing as well as to grow the local economy.

Together, we can make an impact that will reverberate for generations to come.