How to Layer Skincare 101

If you're staring at your skincare shelfie feeling lost at what to reach for first, we are here to help!

Skincare comes in many forms: oils, mists, creams, gels, balms, cleansers, masks, and more. Some products are created to target the deeper layers of your skin, while some sit on top and protect the surface. To ensure each product is properly set up to deliver skin-loving nutrients and benefits to your skin, it's important to apply your skincare in a specific order.

Thinnest to Thickest
No matter how many steps you have in your routine, properly layering your skincare from thinnest to thickest is a must for getting the most out of each product. Below, we share what order to apply your products; if you don't have each product in your routine, that okay.

  1. Cleanser: whether you're refreshing for a new day or washing away your day, starting your skincare routine with a clean canvas is a must. If it's not already a part of your evening ritual, we suggest giving a double-cleanse a try—start with an oil cleanser to melt away makeup and grime and follow up with your regular cleanser suited for your skin type.

  2. Toner: a light spritz or sweep across your face, toners are a go-to for hydrating and prepping your skin for the steps to follow. Toners can also help to balance your skin's pH. 

  3. Essence: while an essence may look similar to a toner, it is thicker. Essences penetrate deeply into your skin and create a pathway for your skincare products that follow to absorb more deeply, resulting in your products working more effectively.

  4. Eye cream: The skin around your eyes is delicate, so before you apply your active ingredients, applying an eye cream can serve as a protective layer in addition to providing the area with extra nourishment.

  5. Serum: serums are usually lightweight and contain active ingredients that work to target your skin concerns—dark spots, uneven skin tone, acne, fine lines, dryness, etc.

  6. Moisturizer: moisturizers trap and seal in everything hydration brings to your skin and reduce moisture loss by creating a protective barrier that keeps water from escaping. Need a refresher on the difference between hydration vs moisture—read our blog posts here

  7. Face Oil: oils should be the last step in your pm routine or am routine before sunscreen. Oils lock products in—any product applied over oil will likely not be able to penetrate through the oil's molecular structure.
  8. Sunscreen: in your morning routine, sunscreen is always the last step. If we were to add another step, it would be to reapply your sunscreen throughout the day.

Now that we know what order to apply, where does RUVI's Age-Defying Glow Serum fit into your routine? Our Glow Serum was designed to be your daily go-to moisturizer. While it takes form as an oil and delivers antioxidants like a serum, it's also incredible at locking in deep, long-lasting moisture for velvety soft, smooth skin.